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Knowing and manipulating your health insurance data is essential. It is key to any positive health program. United Billing Group helps you in monitoring your health insurance. It ensures that you are provided with the accurate analysis of the performance of your treatment programs.

We have an inbuilt software investment and development team. Their purpose is to help our clients operate their businesses and analyze their data. We offer information on major performance areas. Those include overall paid and allowed amounts for each insurance beneficiary at different levels of care, average allowed days at different levels of care, revenue tracking and trends, current and common payer mix, census trends, verification of benefits conversion rates, and detailed reports for all your data.

What you can expect from us

  1. BCBS Payments: 7-day report of all BCBS Payments made to member
  2. Client Status Reports: detailed analysis giving information to enable you to make better financial decisions
  3. Claim Follow-Up: accessible report of all claims. The report is updated every day, and can be accessed any time of the week.

Our Mission

United Billing Group specializes in mental health and substance abuse. We are present in various facilities in the sector of addiction medicines. We help addicts and alcoholics get the medication they need.

We use specific tactics to persuade insurance companies to provide the necessary help for the treatment of your patient’s long-term improvement. Incorporating a strategic way to grow your revenue is facilitated by a team of professionals.

Aside from ensuring that addict patients get the right treatment, we also give back. We delegate 10% of the profits we make to the health community. This is done in the form of co-payments, co-insurance, or scholarships for those who have an insurance cover but do not have a way of getting treatment. We strive to make a difference even if only one life is saved.

We firmly hold that the only way to satisfy our clients is to never forget our purpose. This will achieve recovery for fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters who are suffering from substance abuse, mental health, or both.

We will tirelessly represent people in their quest for decent healthcare.

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