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At United Billing Group, we provide a wide range of services including conducting utilization management/reviews. We render our services to institutions with a primary focus on behavioral health treatment centers. Our team of experts is highly trained. They have years of experience in authorization matters. As a result, we ensure that your customers receive the best advocates that match their specific needs/conditions. At United Billing Group, we understand that some health disorders require lengthy stays in the facility. Additionally, some diseases require the health providers to make follow-ups with the patients. Also, some diseases need regular visits and medications. For those reasons, we make it our responsibility to ensure that the health plans provide adequate cover for every particular condition. If an insurance company declines the coverage as a result of the review, we take it upon ourselves to perform a comprehensive analysis and appeal the decision. As a result, patients receive quality treatment for their conditions.

It is our organizational goal to ensure that our treatment providers get furnished with all the necessary information regarding the authorization process. Therefore, we schedule events and meetings with the aim of educating them on the required procedures and the essential elements. We discuss and shed light on the primary aspects that include the advantages of having an expert opinion, understanding the insurance criteria, the benefits of having superior clinical documentation, the pre-authorization process, and the utilization management process.

By taking up these roles, we eliminate the constant stress often involved when dealing with insurance companies. As a result, the staff at the health center can focus most of their energy on delivering efficient, effective and life-changing treatment. Our dedication improves the healthcare givers morale. Consequently, with minimal external pressure, client satisfaction and productivity is achieved. Most importantly, our clients (providers of behavioral health treatment) registers an increase in revenue.

With United Billing Group, you’re assured of a team whom endeavors to improve your working conditions. By taking the monotony out of your facility, your staff begins to find fun in the work they do. Additionally, revitalized and with enthusiasm, the quality of health care rises. With decades of experience, we are better equipped to face and create a centralized billing department tailored-fit to your facility needs.

With us, your patients will stay for the prescribed duration, and as a result, your confidence about the quality of healthcare provided by your facility will increase. Eventually, the center will register many successful outcomes.

From United Billing Group, you can expect:

  • Experienced Advocates: Great relationships with care managers and insurance professionals resulting in outstanding authorization lengths;
  • DTX: 5-7 Days
  • RTC: 25-28 Days
  • PHP: 18-22 Units
  • IOP: 30-35 Units
  • An Effective Appeal Process: We have a 33 percent rate of overturning denials.
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