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Those that need help with their substance abuse or behavior health problems will often admit themselves into a treatment facility. When doing so, they must have insurance benefits that will cover their treatment. We here at United Billing Group are in the business of verifying the benefits of patients for our clients. Treatment facilities give lots of effort in helping their patients, and we are here to help the treatment facilities make sure that the financial aspect of their patient’s visits are covered.

A treatment facility should be spending time on what they do best and that is to treat their patients. They should not have to worry about the verification process of their patient’s benefits. Spending lengthy time on the verification process less time to spend helping their patients. Besides that, they would rather have the verification of benefits process done by professionals to make sure that everything is accurate and as speedy as possible. With our help, the client can get their new patients admitted as soon as possible. We promise our clients professional, fast and accurate service.

A 60 minute verification process guarantees that there are no admission delays

There is nothing worse than having a client’s admission into a treatment facility delayed due to of a long verification of benefits process. We here at United Billing always strive to have a client’s benefits verified and returned within 60 minutes. Yes, in under one hour a client will be able to be admitted into the treatment facility. Due to the importance of our responsibilities, we are very diligent and professional when it comes to our duties.

Even though we offer a quick process, we understand that our job must be done accurately. We also understand the importance of our role in the insurance management process. We are the first step, and if we are not accurate with our duties then all processes that follow will not be successful. We here at United Billing Group take great pride in our speedy and accurate job of verifying benefit of clients. Our huge database of insurance policies gives us the ability to inform our clients of information that they can pass on to their patients. Our clients, as well as the patients, will always be fully aware of the benefits that are available. Clients will never be confused about any reimbursements that they are to receive or any of the other important insurance details.

How long will it take for a response once a verification of benefits is submitted?

United Billing has a full staff available that is ready to verify a patient’s benefits as soon as an inquiry if submitted. Within minutes, one of our representatives will contact the patieint’s insurance company and get to work. A thorough verification of benefits process is our preference as it allows us to cross reference for accuracy. United Billing needs to be sure that all information is 100 percent accurate before returning the verification to clients. We stand by our word that 60 minutes is the average time it takes us to verify benefits. Many times we can do it much quicker than that.

What expectations should I have when using the services of United Billing Group?

You are guaranteed a quick verification process, but without accuracy it would mean nothing. Besides having a speedy turn-around time, you should expect us to make sure that every precaution is taken for accuracy of benefits. We have full knowledge about the work that we do and understand the importance of the billing process. We do not make mistakes that will have a domino effect.

When given benefit quotes, the staff at United Billing Group will pass this exact information on to you. You’ll also receive a benefit summary for the particular patient that you are inquiring about. Extra details are also provided to you such as what our past experiences have been like with the insurance company on a particular policy. We understand that our job is to simplify the whole billing process, and we want you to fully understand the benefits of each patient to the fullest.

United Billing Group’s promise to you

When using our professional services you are guaranteed to receive a timely 60 minute turn around time on your request. There will be no delays here. You will also receive 100 percent accuracy along with a cross checked and thorough verification. We are also very informative and will supply you with any warning disclaimers on any questionable or unreliable payers.

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