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We understand your patients and citizens involved in traumatic events expect and rely on ambulance and other emergency services. We are sensitive to your patients’ and residents’ needs, and tailor our collection efforts to meet your policy or local ordinance. Companies and/or individuals responsible for pre-hospital services should pay for those services, whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies or patients. These costs should never be a charge to your municipality or department, except as a last resort. We believe that when you hire a billing company your priority should be maximizing revenue rather than minimizing costs.  Let us maximize your revenue.

United Billing Group can find sources of reimbursement often overlooked by a typical collection agency. We review all accounts deemed non-collectable by your billing professionals and analyze them for revenue opportunities.

We can assist with:

  • Change and maintain your enrollment with insurance companies
  • Review of documents for missing signatures and forms
  • Provide required forms as needed
  • Choose all hcpcs and diagnosis codes by NAAC trained staff
  • File claims to appropriate insurance companies
  • Send statements to patients
  • Gather missing or updated insurance information
  • Receive and record checks at billing company
  • Make regular deposits to your bank
  • Respond to all attorney and insurance companies additional paperwork requests
  • Handle all denials and appeals
  • Handle all insurance negotiations
  • Audit overpayments
  • Research outstanding balances
  • Determine outcome on 120 day aged accounts
  • Handle patient calls and language interpretations
  • Documentation training
  • Monthly reports
  • Toll free lines for patient inquiries
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